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LED light therapy mask

LED light therapy mask


Our CLB LUXE Medical Grade LED Light therapy mask is designed not only to soothe skin issues such as acne, redness, poor circulation, pigmentation, rough skin... it also helps keep your skin in the best possible condition in between your professional facial treatments such as facials, skin needling etc.

These Specific wavelengths of light energy, when absorbed helps all compromised cells. The light (photons) energy is absorbed by photoacceptors in the mitochondria cells and used to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP produced then stimulates various metabolic processes which can result in the repair and regeneration of cell and tissue components.

Easy to use
1. Wash your face, double cleanse and then dry your face
2. Plug your masks usb cable into your phone charger and lie back and relax.
3. Select your chosen light color. You can use 1 color for the entire time 10-30 minutes or use all three colors each on a 10 minute cycle.
This is a great time to do some positive affirmations so when you are finished your treatment you feel ontop of the world. 

BLUE LIGHT (460-470NM)
Affects the oil glands and kills acne causing bacteria beneath your skin and helps break the acne cycle. This helps fight the appearance of acne, makes your skin less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects. 

 RED LIGHT (620-630NM)
Red light is absorbed by the outer layer of your skin and promotes the production of Collagen and Elastin fibers. This slows the signs of ageing and revitalises the appearance of your skin. Red light also Increases hydration from the inside out. 

Promotes the alternating function of cell oxygen, helps prevent pigmentation and sun-damage. Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, mild eczema & mild psoriasis, sunburn, great for skins prone to redness and sensitivity.


How often to use
You can use this mask daily 10-30 minutes or 3 times a week it depends what fits in with your lifestyle. The more you can use it the faster the results.

1 x LED Light Therapy Mask
1 x Satin bag to keep your mask safe
1 x 1.5m USB cord
1 x CLB LUXE Beauty Bag