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3 Piece Gift Set

3 Piece Gift Set


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The ultimate crystal gift set for your own self love and relaxation or a very special gift. This set has the ability to give everyone instant access to crystal healing tools that bring instant relaxation, stress & anxiety relief, much needed facial massage, grounding, the power to manifest amazing opportunities into your life and so much more. This set also uses natural anti-aging techniques to create glowing skin full of fresh oxygen, amazing circulation and plump skin cells for a more youthful look. 

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Amethyst - Amethyst is a powerful stress reliever to provide inner strength, calm mental clarity and concentration. Strong purifying, healing and transformation properties in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing as well as aiding meditation. Helps balance mood swings, anxiety relief, helps strengthen the endocrine and immune system in the body. Very helpful skin conditions, amazing for sleep, helping heal emotional trauma. 

Jade - Jade has been long known for its amazing benefits for luck and attracting amazing opportunities into the holders life. Its healing properties are great for the skin, body and hormonal imbalances. Jade brings honesty, life force energy, self love and acceptance into its path. Jade helps attract meaningful relationships. Jade will bring you wisdom, balance, peace and a new perspective on how you view the world around you. 

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote self love, acceptance, inner healing and feelings of peace. Rose Quartz will calm your mind, body, soul and endocrine system. It is very comforting in times of grief. Amazing for removing negativity and replacing it with loving energy and good positive vibrations. 

Crystal Eye Mask
You can use your crystal eye mask in so many ways. 
-Cool in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes of a morning to wake the face and eyes up
-Use at night before bed to help encourage sleep
-Use in meditation to enhance your energy and positive vibrations
-Use after your yoga or pilates class
-Lay outside on the grass to really connect with your soul
-Use when you have sore, tired eyes from staring at a computer
-Use over the throat to open the throat chakra and help anxiety
-Use over the heart chakra to send loving and calming energy when stressed
-Use over a moisturizing sheet mask
-Turn upside down to place over the lower jaw to bring fresh circulation
-When very cold helps close pores

Face Roller
Your Crystal face roller can be used either on bare skin or used with a face cream, serum, or water mist. You can roll over sheet masks to help it absorb deep into the skin. The aim is to roll up and out so we train the face to lift. We want to massage out all the tight muscles in the face and neck to help them relax so they are not tight and don't cause wrinkles. Face rolling will help remove toxins, fluid buildup and your face will appear more slim, lifted and contoured with a nice glow as we are providing fresh blood flow and oxygen into the skin cells. Use daily or however fits in with your skincare routine.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha has been around for centuries. This is a magic little tool I personally love using daily. Used with a face cream, serum or water spray mist as the Gua Sha needs to slide across the face. This tool is used to massage and push excess fluid out of the face and neck. Our facial lymphatic system can not drain itself this is why it's important to Face Roll and Gua Sha.  You can create a natural neck lift, face lift and contour with this tool but moving up and out training the face to lift, pushing out any toxin and fluid build up. Doing this on a regular basis also helps prevent breakouts as your constantly moving and toxins under the skin that may cause breakouts. Think of this as our facial garbage removal process that we have control over through these tools. It is also amazing for any jaw and neck tension caused by teeth grinding, stress clenching or even looking down at technology alot. 

All sets include 
1 X Crystal Eye Mask
1 x Face Roller
1 x Face Gua Sha
1 x Marble beauty bag