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 What is a Crystal Face Roller?
A crystal face roller is a skin care tool that will help you remove puffiness in the face & neck while cooling & soothing the skin. It will help your skincare absorb into the skin better, daily use will leave your skin glowing. Face rollers are also a helpful stress relief and help to relax facial muscles to minimise wrinkles. 

Can I put my roller in the fridge?
Yes, you can put your roller in the fridge 10 minutes or freezer 5 minutes before use for an extra cooling effect on the skin. We recommend in a waterproof zip lock bag. 
-With your Rose Quartz vibrating roller you can unscrew the head and place that in the fridge and then screw back on when you want to use, the battery can not go in the fridge. 

Are your beauty tools authentic?
Yes, every single crystal product in our store is100% genuine high grade crystals that have been sustainably & ethically sourced by myself over a year long process that ensured I was not only getting the best quality crystals for you all but to make sure it was done so ethically and sustainably. Our crystal masks and rollers are heavier than most others on the market because they are the highest quality and made entirely out of crystal and some of the other tools in the market are made of plastic, or dyed stone so we can guarantee our quality.

Can I use my roller with face creams?
Yes you can use your roller on a bare cleansed face or with your moisturiser, face serum or over a sheet mask to help them penetrate into the skin more effectively. 

How do I use my face roller?
Please visit or "How To" page for all use information.

How do I clean my Face Roller , Gua Sha or Crystal Mask?
You can clean your roller using a dry or slightly damp cloth on the crystal parts of your roller not the metal using a little non chemical soap. Then lay on a clean towel or napkin to dry.
Do not clean with any harsh soaps or chemicals if you can avoid it, and don't use anything abrasive that could scratch the crystal surface.

What can I store my Roller and Gua Sha beauty tool in?
With your purchase your face roller and gua sha will come with a luxury marble beauty bag to keep your crystals safe when travelling. 

What is Gua Sha?
Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves lightly scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation and complexion. This ancient healing technique offers a unique approach to better health, skincare and beauty. Short or long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, increases blood flow. Gua sha helps move any stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that can be responsible for inflammation. 

You can use your Gua Sha on freshly cleansed skin  with a facial oil, moisturiser, serum or facial mask. When using on a serum or oil, a gentle scrape from your gua sha will help penetrate oils deep into your skin.

If you are using a serum, apply the serum on your face before using the Gua Sha. Be kind on your skin creating a light and comfortable pressure which creates a gentle massage on your face.

Keep the gua sha tool at a 15-degree angle to the skin—almost flat but not quite. This covers more surface of your face while giving a gentle pull on your skin. ( apart from when massaging jawline & chin)

What is Rose Quartz Combing?
Our handmade Rose Quartz comb has 3 uses. 
1. Head Massage. 2. Body combing massage. 3. Gua Sha facial combing.
Visit our 'How To' page on use information

What does a vibrating face roller do?
Our rollers that have vibrational technology inside use 1 x AA battery. These rollers create 6000 vibrations per minute to instantly lift, contour and plump out wrinkles. You will see a visible difference to the shape and tone of the face while creating glowing skin.

Why are crystal masks so special?
Crystals are special, however wearing our crystal masks are the most special way to own your crystals. The amazing vibrational energy crystals emit are directly connected with our being when we wear crystal masks. They make us feel instantly relaxed, less stressed, calm our mind and we can ask our crystals to help bring our energy levels up and use as a positive energy tool to guide us in life. Crystals will help calm your nervous system and give you a special tool you can use daily for a little self love 'YOU' time.

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