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Mushroom Gua Sha

Mushroom Gua Sha



Our Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Jade Mushroom Gua Sha works in the same way as a traditional style Gua Sha it just has a different shape. The round shape allows it to glide on the skin for a beautiful relaxing yet amazing face contouring massage. 

How Gua Sha Works

The lymphatic system is a key detoxification pathway as it transports and detoxes cellular waste and part of the body’s immune system but it has no pump to do so! And so things very easily get stagnant, especially since most of us are so sedentary these days (hello, desk jobs and so much time in the car!).

For the body this means impaired detoxification and suppressed immunity. For the face it means puffiness, inflammation, and dullness.

Unlike the lymphatic system the circulatory system does have a pump which is our heart. With Gua Sha increased circulation to the skin means we get more nutrients and oxygen which aids in cellular repair and regeneration and boosts the health of our overall skin. Poor circulation to the skin is also said to contribute to pigmentation, inflammation, and slower healing.

Brighter skin with improved clarity in the skin. Increased lymphatic flow and circulation give your skin an undeniable glow! The slow strokes of Gua Sha during facial massage ease muscle tension  by breaking up fascia which is the connective tissue that surrounds and runs through our muscles which can become tight and restrict blood flow if they are tight. By breaking up the fascia this also helps prevent wrinkles and make them smoother.

Always massage toward the lymph nodes because we don’t just want to move the lymphatic fluid around, but also drain it. Lymph nodes are concentrated around the ears, beneath the chin, down the sides of the neck, and around the collarbone. For the face its best to move in strokes from the middle of the face outwards towards the ears. For the neck strokes down.

Not only do we need to drain the lymphatic fluid from the face, but then away from the face and down the neck.

Perfect for at home daily use or in your beauty salon on clients 

Includes 1 x Crystal Mushroom Gua Sha
1 x CLB LUXE marble bag