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Rose Quartz & Jade Massage Comb

Rose Quartz & Jade Massage Comb



Our CLB LUXE handmade Rose Quartz & Jade crystal combs are a must have if you love relaxation, head massages and great for detoxing.

Combining the healing and self love benefits of Rose Quartz Crystal and head massage this comb is amazing for head and neck massaging. It will glide over the acupressure points on the head to create the most amazing feeling of relaxation and happiness.

There are few things in life more relaxing than a head massage. Think of all the tension carried on your neck and the base of your skull, not to mention the stress you carry around your forehead, eyes, and mouth.

However, like any other part of the body, your head must be massaged occasionally to relieve any stress. Aside from simply feeling good, it also comes with health benefits. Whether you do it yourself, have a friend or partner help you out a thoughtful head massage can put you back on track.

As well as using on the head and neck you can also use your crystal comb to brush the skin, called 'skin combing'. This works in a similar way to dry brushing. This will help your circulation, create softer skin and get rid of fluid and toxin buildup in the body. You can use on dry skin or if you prefer a smooth glide use a moisturizer and lightly comb your skin.

Reducing stress levels
Promoting hair growth
Increasing blood flow
Eliminating painful 
Creating glowing hair
Promoting self love 
Helping relieve excess muscle tension in the neck by combing the neck area
Releasing toxins if used as body combing
Helping cellulite by body combing
Helping with insomnia
Stimulates lymphatic drainage 
Helping detox the body

Includes your choice of

Rose Quartz or Jade Comb

1 x Marble beauty bag

Tip- Place in the fridge 10 minutes before use if you want to use as a cooling body comb for lymphatic drainage.