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Rose Quartz Chest Mask

Rose Quartz Chest Mask


This incredible Rose Quartz chest mask is the most loving thing you can buy for your self. Handmade using hundreds of Rose Quartz Crystals.  This mask will instantly relax you, help move lymph and toxins out of the skin, the coolness of the natural crystals will help breastfeeding mothers that suffer from a warm chest and discomfort during pregnancy and also breastfeeding. You can place this in the fridge for extra cooling to also help prevent mastitis.  You can also use this mask any where you would like on the body. You can place the Rose Quartz mask over the heart for calming and self love properties. Or on the belly to connect self love and bonding with your baby.

Rose quartz is the go-to stone for all things pretty and loving. It creates an atmosphere of gentle nurturing. The stone can smooth the complexion and help to erase fine lines and wrinkles.  Rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra which will allow you to receive and give more love in your life. It also can gently purify your auric field and skin of toxins. It will gently heal any emotional wounds and let you become the best version of yourself.

Sit back, relax, and let this rejuvenating crystal chest mask infuse your aura with the purity of rose quartz. It is said that Rose Quartz helps bonding between mum and baby when used during pregnancy. 


-Depuff any areas of the body it is used on
-Helps cool the skin
-Relieve headaches if you place cold on the forehead
-Help keep the circulation moving to prevent mastitis
- Help with stress and anxiety
- Helps calm the mind
- Great to use in meditation and after a yoga session
- Helps with redness and inflammation
-Encourages healthy blood circulation
-Reduces the burning and warm feeling you may experience during pregnancy
- You can also place this over the belly to calm your baby

Tip - You can place this in the fridge for 10 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes for extra cooling

Fits every size chest