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Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha


This stunning Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha is a popular beauty tool. Being hand crafted from the loving crystal Rose Quartz and also being in the shape of a butterfly which gives the meaning to growth, to flourish, self beauty and letting go of things that no longer serve you. It is also popular as it can be used as a crystal in meditation, beside your bed and to help ease stress as well as using for your Anti Aging skincare needs. It is the perfect shape to fit into all contours of the face and neck for the perfect massage. 

How Gua Sha Works

Gua Sha is the all natural anti-aging practice that works instantly to help create a more lifted, contoured, toned and slimmer face by manually draining excess fluid out of the face by gliding your Gua Sha in a range of movements to do so. 
Gua Sha is hailed as the all natural face lift as your skin is trained to lift and create muscle memory to look younger, glow and detoxify as you stimulate the lymphatic system for healthy skin.

This tool can also be used to naturally plump your lips in just 1 minute. They will be fuller, plumper and have a nice pink color to them due to the increase in circulation by using the butterfly to trace around the lip shape and then gliding over the lips.

Like the butterfly after which it takes its shape, this Gua Sha tool comes from nature. It’s designed to enhance the beauty you already have, using all-natural self-care and massage techniques.

Rose quartz is associated with love for yourself and others, as well as with forgiveness, compassion, and with the clearing of negative emotions that weigh on the heart. In many ways, it epitomizes what self-care stands for, and its positive energy can add an extra-relaxing, pampering note to your beauty routine. Or hold it between your palm when meditating to draw on the self-love and self-acceptance energy from the stone.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a new self-care practice to add to your routine, are curious about the many benefits of gua sha for your skin, or just think that the idea of a relaxing facial massage tool that you can use at home sounds heavenly, you won’t regret welcoming this beautiful butterfly gua sha into your home.

-Reduces puffiness
-Helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Plumps Lips if you use it for this purpose
-Stimulates lymphatic drainage
-Helps slim the face and lift the facial features
- Slims the neck area
-Allows facial products to be absorbed more effectively into your skin
-Leaves you with a radiant, rosy glow
- Helps release jaw tension from teeth grinding
- Helps release build of of sinus by clearing the fluid build up under the skin
- A great massage for the back of the neck

Begin by applying your favorite face oil, serum or moisturiser to your freshly cleansed skin. Hold the butterfly upright, and gently massage your face and neck in an upward and outward motion you will be able to fell how to edges of the butterfly contour and fit into each area of your face shape. 

The pressure should be light and comfortable on the skin
Use it morning or night to reduce puffiness and before applying other products to your skin, to aid product absorption
For best results, use your gua sha for three to five minutes daily
Place it in the fridge before use, for an extra refreshing massage experience

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