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Rose Quartz Acupressure Stick

Rose Quartz Acupressure Stick



The handcrafted Rose Quartz Acupressure stick is a great tool to use for reflexology, acupressure, facial and gua sha treatments. 

Acupressure works in a similar way as acupuncture but without the needles.
Acupressure points on the face stimulate the body organs just like reflexology on the feet and hands. This is also really great to do on the face for rejuvenation as we are moving the qi positive energy. In Chinese medicine our body is base on 'Qi" and blockages of Qi, deficiencies of Qi and also to much Qi can cause illness. 

 We have a number of points on the face, neck and body which we can stimulate to create glowing skin, improve wrinkles and collagen production, improves circulation and skin tone, ease tension, stress, help fatigue, improve sleep, help clear sinus and much more. 

Just like our body responds to exercise our face muscles need help to release tension from certain parts of our face. Acupressure for wrinkles works on providing balance through the body and increases the flow of energy throughout the 12 meridians. These meridians are each linked to particular organs and some meridians can get clogged due to diet, stress, dehydration, sleep and many other factors which all lead to premature aging. 

Using this Rose Quartz tool can help open these pathways for better circulation for our body, face muscles and organs. 

 Points on the face for beauty
Third Eye Point (between the brows) 
This point helps activate the endocrine gland to improve the skins texture and skin quality. calm stress, anxiety, help sleep. regulating en ergy in the head and helps relieve sinus and congestion. 
-Use your acupressure stick to massage this point in circle motions for 5-10 minutes morning and night.

 Sinus Point ( at the top of the smile lines on the outer edges of the nose
This is an excellent acupoint that can help relieve nasal congestion, allergies and sinusitis. Massaging the acupoint opens nasal passages and sinuses, benefits respiration, and improves the lungs’ functional capacity.
-Use your stick to massage in a circular motion

Help alleviate blemishes
A fingers width below the eye socket and in line with the center of your iris is the point that helps blemishes. 

All over glow point
This point is located about 1 finger length directly below the pupil just under the cheeck bone. This point helps with an all over glow, circulation, swelling and blemishes.

Helping lift the corners of a drooping mouth or jowls
Use your stick at the corners of the mouth and massage anti-clockwise in circles

Below your nose and above your lip
This point is used for restoring focus and calming the mind

The slight indent at the side of the face near the temples is used for headaches, dizziness and eye problems.

The point right behind the ear lobe
You can find this point by opening your mouth and feeling behind the ear for the indent. This points great for lockjaw, balancing the skins radiance.

You can also place this tool in the fridge for 10 minutes for an extra cool pick me up of a morning when needed.


1 x Rose Quartz Acupressure Stick
1 x Marble zip up beauty bag


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