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Kids Crystal Relaxation Set

Kids Crystal Relaxation Set


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Our CLB LUXE Rose Quartz kids crystal masks are a world first.
I created my kids crystal sets to help all the little ones in our lives.
Relaxation is not just for us adults, I believe if we can teach children how to relax, destress and become aware of their emotions when they are young this will carry on through out their entire lives. 

Why is Rose Quartz great for your child?

Children are drawn to sparkling objects, and crystals beckon with magic. Kids are also more open to the metaphysical healing the universe has to offer. This combination makes then great candidates for crystal healing lifestyles. If your child does not mentally understand the power of energy healing, they will at least feel it.  They may not know why thet are pulled towards crystals but just like their favorite teddy bear, they will take comfort in the crystals vibrations. 

Just like adults kids suffer from mental, spiritual, physical stress from school, peers, fears or even lack of sleep. By using this crystal set they can learn how to relieve these issues in a positive way.

This kids set is made up of a mini mask to help focus and relax the mind, ease tired eyes, bring calming energy to your childs mind + body + soul.

The mini roller is for the face and neck which the kids love using to feel special when they can roll it by themselves. The rolling motion is very soothing to a childs mind.

The long chest/tummy piece can be worn over the lower tummy,  upper tummy, on the chest or neck area on both your child or yourself.
This piece helps calm the nervous system, encourages sleep when used before bed, calms stress, anxiety and really great to use when reading your child a book before bed.

We are proud to use the highest quality Rose Quartz crystal in all our products that are ethically and sustainably sourced.
Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, bringing meaningful connections into your life, creating peace, calmness and easing stress. It will bring positive vibrational energy into you and your childs life. Rose Quartz is much used to help the quality of sleep. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and will make them feel full of love. These crystals will bring feelings of self love and joy into your lives.

If you choose the option including the adult mask it's a really beautiful way to start teaching your child some meditation, breathing techniques or even just having some quiet time together before bed.

These crystals also emit such a beautiful energy by just having them in your home or bedroom.

There are 2 options available for this set

Option 1. Rose Quartz Kids set includes for ages 1-13
1 x Kids Mask
1 x kids mini roller
1 x kids chest/stomach mask 
1 x Beauty carry  bag



Option 2. Kids Set + Adult Mask
1 x Kids Mask
1 x kids mini roller
1 x kids chest/stomach mask 
1 x Adults eye mask
2 x Beauty carry bags


Crystal Eye Mask - Made from the highest quality crystals this mask has many amazing properties and benefits to the skin and mental health.
Crystals are naturally cooling however you can place your mask in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes for extra cooling which is great for migraines, sore tired eyes, menopause hot flashes and closing pores. This crystal mask is the most relaxing experince, instantly eases stress, anxiety, calms the mind and nervous system.