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Jade Comb

Jade Comb


This handcrafted Jade stone comb has 2 uses. For the hair and also the body. goes through the hair in a glide like manner untangling each piece of hair with its radiant soft texture. As it glides across your acupuncture points you are sure to experience a well being like never before. You can rest assured that you will be getting a one of a kind comb cut from jade stones. To top it off it will arrive in it's own CLB LUXE marble bag that allows you to give it as a gift to the most favorable people on your list

.The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair has been a staple in the Chinese culture and is more precious than any gold offering you may receive. The uses are to focus on the heads acupressure points to offer a health benefit and to create silky flowing hair. This comb would fit perfectly in anyone's daily regime of hair styling.

 It is also great for body combing to stimulate the acupressure points of the body

The tops of our heads have 12 main areas of acupuncture channels according to the "Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view." As you go across them gently with your Pure Jade comb, you are arousing these points and enhancing your wellbeing. Utilizing one of these combs is a long Chinese tradition that focuses on keeping your hair radiant and shining. As TCM goes, "the hair represents the health of the Kidneys, Jing and the quality of blood.

Aswell as hair combing and stimulating the scalp this comb can also be used as 'body combing' Regular body combing can reduce the appearance of cellulite, help keep skin firm and smooth, and can even potentially aid in weight loss. The properties of Jade aids the removal of toxins from the body and boosts energies.

How to do 'Body Combing' First, apply water or your favourite body oil or moisturiser to any part of your body and start combing in downwards strokes (similar to how you would use your facial massager) to get rid of any toxins and to decongest skin. And that's it. It’s really that easy. Body combing is similar to body brushing
This is an ancient Chinese practice is back in vogue as the natural way to shift pounds and to improve
skin conditions such as cellulite, water retention, dryness and those ‘chicken skin’ bumps that appear on the upper arms.
Like a body brush it promotes lymphatic drainage, sweeping toxins out of the body. But it feels more like a delicious back scratch than a hair shirt. Used on the head it is said to release stress, soothe headaches and improve hair growth. And perhaps most notably, it claims to help shift those diet-defying extra inches, too.

-Stimulates the 12 main acupuncture areas on our heads to create well being
- Helps with hair growth
- Helps create soft and shiny hair
- Stimulates happy endorphins
- Amazing feeling when you massage the neck
- Can be used to comb the body to also help with lymphatic drainage
- Promote hair growth
- Help rid cellulite
- Help relieve headaches
- Help ease tension in the neck

Our Jade Comb comes in our Luxury CLB LUXE marble bag