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Germanium Lift +Tone + Contour roller

Germanium Lift +Tone + Contour roller


Our Germanium stone vibrating lift and tone face and body roller feels incredible, very cooling on the skin and you will instantly notice a difference in the firmness of your face, neck and body while helping kick start your lymphatic system and detox the body. Made with 48 cooling  Germanium stone roller is in contact with your skin, the negatively charged ions from the Germanium stone atoms will attract the harmful positively charged ions from your body that are responsible for making us age.

How does it work?

 It balances the human bio-electricity which is frequently unbalanced from daily exposure to mobile phones, electronic equipment, ultra violet rays and pollution. Rotating 360 degrees this is the most relaxing feeling while rolling your face, neck or body and has a soothing element while doing so.  It works instantly and so easy to use.

We have 2 styles of rollers our non vibration roller with the 1 head containing 40 Germanium stones.
And our Vibration V shape roller using 6000 vibrations per minute and 48 Germanium stones to increase tissue repair and regeneration capabilities.

Designed to be used on the face, neck and entire body to lift, contour and firm with ease. This roller is so easy to use, just use on clean skin and roll away. After you have finished apply your desired moisturiser or serum. Providing deep massage, relieving tension/stiffness in legs, arms, back, neck, face and jaw.

Due to the shape of both rollers they can massage any area of the body, you will notice as you roll where your body holds its tension. 


-Stimulates the bodies key healing points
- Aids in the drainage of lymphatic fluid, improving circulation and reducing puffiness
-Balances over-exposure caused by ageing-positive irons.
-Made with germanium to activate and balance irons
-Helps skin care product absorbsion
-Uplifts and tones the skin, improving facial contour
-Soothes body muscles
-Improves edema 
- If you want a natural neck and face lift this is for you
-Firms the skin
-Helps smooth cellulite 
-Easy to use on the entire face and body
-Great neck massager too
-Using a roller daily will keep the lymphatic fluid flowing to help prevent any toxin buildup under the skin this will mean less breakouts and less acne causing toxins under the skin.
-Improving skin texture and elasticity
-Giving you an instant and natural glow