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Crystal Under Eye Mask

Crystal Under Eye Mask



Exclusive to CLB LUXE and the first of its kind in Australia are our gorgeous Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystal under eye masks. This is your next best friend when it comes to depuffing and cooling under the eyes. Our crystals are cool naturally however place them in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes for extra cooling, then sit back and let the crystals soothe, depuff and relax the under eyes. 

How to use
You can use these when ever you like, morning or night
Use to wake your eyes up of a morning and get the lymphatic drainage working
Use ontop of the eye lid as well as under to depuff the entire eye
Use on bare skin
Use on moisturized skin to help your eye cream absorb into the skin better
Use before a photoshoot
Use on clients while doing eye lashes or eye brows

Morning Routine
Cleanse your face
Get your eye masks out of the fridge or freezer 
Lie down and place on to depuff and wake up the eyes
You can also put your day cream on and then use the cold masks if you wish, to help the absorbsion of your cream

Night time routine
Cleanse your face and put your eye cream or moisturiser on
Take your masks out of the fridge or freezer 
Place the masks under your eyes to cool and help your cream sink into the skin better
You can also use these while you watch TV as they stay on the face still at a 45 degree angle
You can also use these masks over the top of a sheet mask.

Pick your crystal
Adding these crystal masks into your daily routine will not only help your skin but give you the beautiful benefits and positive vibrations from the crystals.

Amethyst is know for its benefits to the immune system, helps clear & calm skin issues, regulates hormones, really great for balancing emotions, helps with your sleep especially if you wear these masks before bed. Amethyst helps with your bloods circulation creating a glow in your skin, will help your bodies lymphatic drainage system to help flush out toxins from the body. Amethyst also helps calm headaches. 

Rose Quartz is the popular crystal of self love, providing you with its gentle and soul nourishing benefits. Rose Quartz helps open the heart chakra, helps your find your positivity and your own self awareness. Rose Quartz helps soothe negative energies while boosting your circulation system. Rose Quartz helps those suffering from anxiety, depression and any kind of trauma. 

Includes  x 1 Set of Crystal Eye Masks with a marble makeup beauty bag