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Amethyst Crystal Face Mask

Amethyst Crystal Face Mask


The coolness and weight of our Amethyst Crystal Face Mask helps relieve stress, sinus issues, closes pores, reduces puffiness, wrinkles and  relaxes your eyes. People who suffer from anxiety find this mask really helps calm their emotions. If you get migraines this will really give you instant relief by placing the mask in the fridge for 15 minutes before use so it is cold when you use.  

Renowned for its powers to stimulate and soothe, the mind and emotions, these authentic Amethyst crystal face masks are intricately hand woven together using 247 Amethyst crystals. together to create a pampering eye mask for the ultimate luxurious spa experience you can do at home. This mask is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength, peace and clarity of the mind while stimulating the crown chakra. This mask is an amazing aid in meditation, helping you to calm your thoughts and very popular use in meditation at Yoga. If you want a great way to wake up your eyes of a morning this is the mask for you.

Benefits of continued use

Using this mask regularly will soon leave your face feeling firmer, smoother and looking clearer, while also working wonders for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 

Benefits of continued use:
- Soothes and relaxes facial muscles and skin 
- Ultimate relaxation 
- Great for use in meditation
- Helps relieve headaches
- Helps calm the mind of stress and anxiety
- Eliminates congestion and reduces inflammation   
- Improves blood circulation and skin tone
- Improves elasticity of the skin
- Promotes lymphatic drainage
- Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
- Helps eyes feel fresh and awake
Putting this mask in the fridge for 15 minutes before use will make it even more relaxing and really helps with headaches. Feel your tensions fall away, lines soften and soul rejuvenated.  

How to use
After using your serum, moisturiser or bare skin, lie down and lay the cool mask over eyes while feeling tension dissolve. Leave on as long as you wish. Turn the mask upside down and lay over the mouth and jaw area to soothe tension and increase blood flow around these pent up areas to help with fine lines.
How to care for your Amethyst Eye Mask
These are delicate, always handle with care. Gently blot dry with a soft cloth or hand rinse with water and gentle soap after each use. Pat dry with a towel and lay flat to dry completely on a dry towel.
Stone size and color may vary due to handmade nature. Small imperfections are common in natural stone and doesn't impact use in any way. 
Amethyst face mask in a silk lined box