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How To

Using your Crystal Eye or Face Mask
Our crystal masks are the most powerful crystal you can own, connecting directly with you and providing positive vibrational energy to your entire mind + body + soul.
-Place your eye or face mask in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes before use if you want them extra cold.
-Create the ambiance by playing relaxation or meditation music, lighting a beautiful candle, turning your diffuser on with your favourite essential oil or all the above.
-After cleansing your face find your comfy spot and then place your crystal mask on for however long you wish.
-You may also wish to use your crystal mask over the top of a moisturising sheet mask which you can do aswell. 
Once you have finished with your mask, you can then apply your favorite day or night moisturizer or serum.
-Amazing to use in bed for a deep relaxing sleep
-Amazing to cool, depuff and wake up the face of a morning
-Use in meditation or after yoga and pilates
-For migraines or headaches cool in the fridge and then place on the eyes or forehead for fast relief
-For grounding lay on the grass in a little sun or shade and just relax in nature
Directions for use 
Use gentle pressure to glide the face roller in outward strokes on your face, neck and décolletage. You want to roll up and out to help the skin memory lift and contour. Doing this daily will help create muscle memory in the face and neck for a more uplifted natural anti-aging look. 

You can roll on fresh cleansed skin without any product or you can apply a cream, serum or moisturiser and roll them into the skin.
FOR THE JAWLINE: Starting at the jawline, gently roll upward toward the ears and under the chin in long strokes. 
FOR THE CHEEKS: Starting at the jawline, gently roll upward to sculpt your cheeks. 
FOR TECH NECK(Neck wrinkles) Glide the roller in up and down vertical strokes to help reduce the appearance of tech neck lines. 
FOR THE UPPER LIP AND VERTICAL LINES: Place above lip, beneath nose for 10 seconds across entire lip area. 
FOR THE FOREHEAD (THE 11'S): Gently roll upward between eyebrows for one minute in continuous short strokes.
MULTI USE: Recommended for under eye area puffiness. Roll in gentle strokes under eye outward to temple and below ear. 

You can massage over sheet masks for further serum absorption. Or over face serum, moisturiser or even roll on a clean fresh cleansed face.

How To Gua Sha
Your full face gets a beautiful and firm massage to help de puff, increase blood circulation and improve skin elasticity and create youthful firm skin. Always work on upward motion on your face as this massage is countering sagging of skin while firming skin.

Step 1 : Apply your daily face oil, or cream to allow the Gua Sha to glide smoothly over your skin.

Step 2 : Upper Face
Using a light pressure, begin by sweeping  the tip of the Gua Sha upwards on the forehead, from the brows up towards the hairline.
Next, take the small bump tip of the Gua Sha over the eye brows and out to the hair line giving a little wiggle at the end, moving from the inner brows towards the outer edges of the face. 

Step 3 : Lower Face
Working on the cheeks, take the long edge, starting close to the nose and sweep backwards towards the ears. 
Use the same sweeping motion along the jawline, again starting from the chin working up towards the earlobes.  

Step 4 : The Neck
Use the wide edge of the Gua Sha to stoke a downwards motion along the skin. Drawing away toxins and tension in the jawline and neck.

Allow 10 or so strokes per area and move gently around the eye areas. The more you Gua Sha you will be able to see the skin firm as you push the excess fluid out of the face.

 Adding Gua Sha as the step before using your facial roller, day or night - treat it as an invigorating facial massage and watch your skin glow!

How to use a Rose Quartz Crystal Comb
1. Use as a head and neck massager. Starting from the front of the head run your comb through the hair massaging the scalp. This will stimulate the happiness accupressure points and stimulate hair growth.  You can also run your comb up the back of the neck which feels amazing. 
2. Use as a body comb, gently combing the skin to create better circulation, this is used in the same way as a dry body brush.
3. Use as a Gua Sha. Gently combing the face with a face serum or cream to create a slimmer, lifted and contoured face. 
Use gentle soap and water on rose quartz and lay flat too dry.