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Crystal Decolletage mask

Crystal Decolletage mask



Available in Rose Quartz - Jade - Clear Quartz

The Ultimate crystal mask exclusive to CLB LUXE is handcrafted using 648 rose quartz, Jade or Clear Quartz crystals. This mask is designed to instantly relax, destress and calm the mind + body + soul.

Life these days is so busy, we all need to make more of an effort to slow down, calm the mind and destress when we can. I created these masks to help everyone bring a little crystal luxury into their lives and use this as a calming tool that you can use when ever you like and you will have this for ever.

This mask will instantly calm any stress or anxiety you are feeling
Rose Quartz will calm a fast beating heart
It will cool you down as crystals are naturally cooling
Help the lymphatic system and blood flow to move any toxins 
Help cool the skin during hot flashes
Bringing positive vibrational energy in direct contact with your skin
Amazing to open up the heart chakra for better self love
Use as a crystal blanket during meditation 

At home use
-Use this mask when you feel stressed and anxious, if you suffer from anxiety and often get that overwhelming feeling and racing heart this mask will calm you down while providing you the loving, calming, positive benefits of Rose Quartz crystal.
- If you feel hot and bothered place your mask in the fridge for extra cooling to help calm the skin.
- This mask is really beautiful to use during meditation and sound healings.
-If you like to read before bed, place this mask on to calm your body before you sleep.
-If you love yoga or pilates this is a great calming mask before, during or after your class. Just lay on your yoga mat, think of everything you are greatful for and just relax for a while.
-Use this mask on the entire family.
-If you like to relax on your stomach you can place this mask on the back with the crystal arms around the back on the neck or even better get your partner to give you a back massage and then use the mask after.

Salon use
This deluxe mask can be used while doing any treatment, eyelashes, eyebrows, dermaplaning, facials, skin needling etc. 
Using this on your clients will make their experience alot more relaxed, calming and they will leave feeling the positivity and self love effects of the Rose Quartz crystal.
You can use this mask in conjunction with our crystal eye and face masks for the complete crystal experience. You may also use this as a treatment add on. 
Tip- Our natural crystal mask is already cooling however if you want it extra cool just place it in the fridge 15 minutes before use for that extra cooling sensation.

Top arm -12.5inc x 4inch   
Bottom -15. 5 inch x 6 inch
Top to bottom 9.5inc

Exclusive to CLB LUXE