Australias #1 Wearable Crystals

Crystal Necklace Collection

Crystal Necklace Collection



Clear Quartz Moon in gold
This unique Clear Quartz moon necklace will bring your clarity, love, protection, beauty & healing. Clear Quartz is know as the master healer of all crystals and will bring you many compliments. 

Crystal Minis
These are our cute little minis perfect for a crystal addition to any outfit.
Available in
Citrine in silver 18inch chain
Clear Quartz in silver 18inch chain
Rose Quartz in gold 18inch chain
Amethyst in silver 18inch chain
Raw Citrine in gold 18inch chain

Long Rose Quartz Necklace in gold
Rose Quartz Crystal is one of the most popular for self love. Wear this beauty around your neck for love, positivity and to keep a clear mind. This will soothe negative energy, balance the circulatory system, relieve toxic energies.

Rainbow Fluorite essential oil Necklace in silver
This is a very special and unique piece. Being a beautiful crystal this has a screw top and comes with a dropper so you can fill it with your favourite perfume or essential oil so you can smell beautiful where ever you go. This is a highly protective and stabling crystal, very grounding, increasing your intuitive abilities. It neutralised negative vibrations and helps with decision making.
Stainless steel 28inch chain
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal 2.5 inch long
Comes with a dropper to use with your essential oil or perfume

Amethyst Slice necklace in silver
Wearing amethyst will balance your mood, soothe irritability, calms the heart and bring you inner peace.  

 All necklaces are handcrafted and come on a stainless steel chain and 24k gold plated for gold necklaces.