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Citrine Gua Sha

Citrine Gua Sha


Citrine is know world wide for its amazing properties to attract abundance in wealth, business opportunities and success. Many people carry a small piece of Citrine in their wallet or have a cluster in their office for bringing in opportunities. Citrine stimulates the brain, raises our self-esteem and confidence. Citrine brings us happiness, strengthens our creativity and enjoyment of life.

Each Gua Sha is beautiful in it's own way being carved from 100% natural Citrine I will choose the Gua Sha that I am drawn to for you. 

Comes with our CLB LUXE marble beauty bag

Crystal Eye Mask - Made from the highest quality crystals this mask has many amazing properties and benefits to the skin and mental health.
Crystals are naturally cooling however you can place your mask in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes for extra cooling which is great for migraines, sore tired eyes, menopause hot flashes and closing pores. This crystal mask is the most relaxing experince, instantly eases stress, anxiety, calms the mind and nervous system.