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At home cupping set

At home cupping set


Our at home cupping set allows you to massage away sore muscles, keep your circulation and lymphatic drainage system moving, help reduce cellulite and keep your skin glowing.

Our set includes cups for both the body and face.
Large, Medium, small and 2 extra small for the face and lip plumping.
Cupping is great for everyone and really beneficial for people who suffer from fluid retention.

How To Use

Easy to use
1. Apply a moisturiser or body oil to desired area
2. Squeeze cup and place on skin, you will see the skin gently lift inside the cup
3. Slide along the skin and when you want to take the cup off just squeeze and lift off the skin. The goal here is to keep the cup moving and gliding along the skin in long motions and not just suctioned in one place. 

Will I get bruises?
At home cupping is different to getting professional cupping from an accupuncturist as they have stronger techniques they use, our at home kit is made to be more gentle. 

Where there is static blood, lymph, cellular debris and toxins present in the body, Cupping can often leave a small bruise on the skin which lasts for a few minutes or days. This is not something to fear, but rather it indicates that blockage under the skin has been moved from the deeper tissue layers to the surface, allowing fresh oxygenated blood to nourish the underlying area. However, with the CLB LUXE Cupping massage technique, it is highly unlikely to notice any “small bruises because the massage is done in movement, not stationery.

 Made from medical grade silicone and comes in a luxury marble beauty bag