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Medical grade Anti wrinkle masks

Medical grade Anti wrinkle masks

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Our range of Medical grade silicone Anti wrinkle masks are a super-effective anti-aging skincare tool that encourages smooth, moisturized skin and visibly irons out wrinkles and fine lines. They even keep the skin  from developing new lines by holding the skin taut and preventing friction. Simultaneously, they lock in hydration, creating a barrier that draws moisture from deep within the layers of skin to promote a plump, supple surface texture. 

We can  form wrinkles for a number of reasons. A lack of sun protection, sleeping on your side, and just plain getting older can all impact the skin texture.

Our décolletage is one of the first areas of the body to reveal signs of aging. Silicone is no newcomer to the dermatology world. Silicone gel sheets have actually been used for decades as a medical treatment for scarring, so its skin healing properties are well known.  Thankfully, in recent years, the beauty industry has harnessed the power of silicone to rejuvenate loose or creased skin. Using an anti-wrinkle chest pad for just one night can make a difference in the appearance of compression lines (the kind we get from sleeping)—but give it a week or so, and you’ll really be stunned by the progress.

Easy to use
1.Clean the area you want to stick the patch and have no skincare on that area
2. Peel your desired patch off the backing
3. Stick on the skin (If you have a crystal roller you can also use this ontop of the mask)
4. Sleep



Our set includes masks for all areas.
1 x Decolletage mask
1 x Forehead Mask
1 x set of undereye masks
1 x set of smile line masks
1 x Neck mask 

These are all reusable up to 15 times with good care. 

If you see a mask in the pack you don't need, for example maybe the neck mask as you don't have neck wrinkles or sagging skin there, you can use it on the décolletage area instead or on stretch marks etc.