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Crystal Necklace Collection

Crystal Necklace Collection



Our collection of unique Crystal necklaces are the perfect gift for a special friend or a little gift for yourself.

These sparkly necklaces always bring the compliments. 

Choose your crystal
Helps you bring peace and insight through your crown chakra
Helps bring you better sleep, assists you with your visualisation. Helps with your circulation and 

Citrine is amazing for bringing abundance and goodluck into your life. Wearing Citrine will help you manifest what you desire,  bring you mental clarity and boost your creativity.

Rose Quartz
The beauty soft vibrations from Rose Quartz will bring you gently energy for self love. Helps you heal your soul, connect with your own self love and give love.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is beautiful and powerful known as the master healing crystal that has a strong energy to help you connect with what you want out of your life. Helps strengthen the immune system, helping cleanse the body, helping draw out any negativity and replace with the positive energy.

Rainbow Fluorite essential oil Necklace 
This is a very special and unique piece. Being a beautiful crystal this has a screw top and comes with a dropper so you can fill it with your favourite perfume or essential oil so you can smell beautiful where ever you go. This is a highly protective and stabling crystal, very grounding, increasing your intuitive abilities. It neutralises negative vibrations and helps with decision making.
Stainless steel 28inch chain
Rainbow Fluorite Crystal 2.5 inch long
Comes with a dropper to use with your essential oil or perfume


All necklaces come in a zip luxury marble beauty bag.

All chains are stainless steel with adjustment links and 24k gold plated for the gold necklace option. You can select from 2 chain lengths 18inch and 26inch


Each necklace is individually made so no 2 crystals are the same