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Amethyst & Citrine Crystal Cluster set

Amethyst & Citrine Crystal Cluster set


This crystal set includes 1 Amethyst & 1 Citrine cluster. 

Amethyst crystal is a powerful protective stone, balances mood swings, helps ease fear and anxiety.  It helps ease pain, improving circulation and inhibiting bacterial growth. Inner peace and healing, brings life balance. Amethyst is known as an all purpose stone, keeping it by your bed will aid in a number of sleep problems, it purifies the mind and clears negative thoughts, leaving your mind refreshed upon waking. 

While your Citrine cluster will help stimulate the brain helping to revitalise and enhance concentration. Releasing negative traits, depression, fears and phobias. Promoting your motivation, activates creativity. Citrine is also one of the most popular crystals for creating financial success and attracting and manifesting money. 

Tip: Many people like to place their citrine in an area where they work or a financial area of their home to attract money.