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Jade Bundle + Save

Jade Bundle + Save


Jade Face Roller

Our CLB LUXE Jade Face Roller is hand crafted from the highest quality Jade . Adding this luxury beauty tool into your morning and night skincare routine will bring you glowing, smooth & hydrated skin. While helping promote firm skin and also helping the absorbsion of your favourite sheet masks, face creams and serums. Being easy to use, you can create a spa like experience while staying in the comfort of your own home. This is a powerful stress reliever, the Jade is well known for its healing and cooling properties and also for its gentleness and nourishment on the skin.  We all know Jade is a very lucky stone which has been used in beauty tools for years. The rolling motion helps the elimination of accumulated toxins, ‘lifting’ your face and bringing relief from tension headaches. Massaging daily boosts blood flow and increases oxygen supply bringing nutrients and hydration to the skin cells. The roller can also be used for relieving stress in the facial muscles, which seems to accumulate tension as we get older. Massaging stiff facial muscles around the jaw, cheeks and forehead can be very therapeutic and helps relax the face. Using the Jade face Roller self-massage technique will encourage the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, as well as “brightening” – by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin which produces a natural visible glow. Whilst it is used for facial massage, it can help sculpt the facial features – by way of encouraging drainage and toning slackening skin.

Regular usage of our Jade facial roller can help with: 
- Reducing Puffiness in your face
- Creating smooth, radiant skin while improving skin elasticity 
- Improving Product Absorption by rolling over sheet facial         masks/creams/serums)
- Increasing blood circulation for an even skin tone and refined pores
- Cooling & Calming the Appearance of Your Skin
- Cooling effect when placed in fridge before use
- Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
- Helps serums/ facial oil penetrate deeper
- Gives an immediate boost to your face and tired eyes
- Facial massage helps dealing with dry skin making it softer
- Relieves stress and jaw tension
- Relaxes face muscles

Place your roller in the fridge 10 minutes before use for an extra cooling and depuffing spa experience.


Gua Sha
Using this beautiful crystal skincare tool in your beauty routine helps create a movement in the skin, clearing sluggish areas of stagnation, a fresh flow of fluids to sluggish areas, replenishing and feeding cells while flushig metabolic waste that manifests as puffiness, complexion issues, congestion and unwanted skin concerns. Gua Sha awakens skin tissue and assists the complexion in absorbing topical nutrition. You will start to notice glowing skin, better tone & texture due to the clearing out of the stagnation on built up lymph in the skin. 

In the morning gua sha will help relieve puffiness, wake up the complexion, relieves strain and stress in the facial muscles especially the jaw muscles. 

Using gua sha in the night time prepares your skin for repair over night and helps collagen production. Always use this on cleansed skin with your favourite moisturiser or serum. 

Jade Eye Mask 

The coolness and weight of our authentic Jade eye mask brings a relaxing experience into your life. It's a healing semi-precious stone which compliments the natural skin care regimen. Known for its calming and healing properties, jade helps emit healing energy into the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Healing the stressed organs slows the process of cell aging and helps detoxify the lymphatic system. If you get migraines this will really give you instant relief by placing the mask in the fridge 10 minutes before use so it is cold when you use.  The coolness and weight of the jade helps relieve sinus issues, anxiety, closes pores and reduces puffiness and wrinkles. This authentic Jade eye mask is intricately hand crafted to create the ultimate luxurious spa experience you can do at home. This mask is an amazing aid in meditation, helping you to calm your thoughts and very popular use at the end of Yoga sessions. It's perfect to use as a cold mask in the morning to wake the eyes up and also relaxing to use just before bed time.
Using this mask regularly will soon leave your face feeling firmer, smoother and looking clearer, while also working wonders for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 

Benefits of continued use: 
- Soothes and relaxes facial muscles and skin
- Relaxing
- Helps Anxiety 
- Great for use in meditation
- Helps relieve headaches
- Helps calm the mind of stress and anxiety
- Eliminates congestion and reduces inflammation   
- Improves blood circulation and skin tone
- Improves elasticity of the skin
- Promotes lymphatic drainage
- Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
- Helps eyes feel fresh and awake

  Included Option 1. Roller + Gua Sha
Option 2. Eye Mask
Option 3. Roller + Gua Sha + Eye Mask
All options come with a luxury marble makeup bag

Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique in color and pattern.  small imperfections in the stone are part of its natural beauty and testament to its heritage and do not effect its use or performance.