Australias #1 Wearable Crystals

Crystal Straw

Crystal Straw



The gift for someone who has everything. If you love crystals and mother earth, this is a perfect way to protect the environment and receive the mystical and physical properties that gemstones crystals offers.
Each Crystal has unique, mystical and important properties. Read each one description and choose the one who best fit your needs. Receive the incredible magic energy of our mother nature with crystals infused water. 

Amethyst is know for its benefits to the immune system, helps clear & calm skin issues, regulates hormones, really great for balancing emotions, helps with your sleep especially if you wear these masks before bed. Amethyst helps with your bloods circulation creating a glow in your skin, will help your bodies lymphatic drainage system to help flush out toxins from the body. Amethyst also helps calm headaches. 

Rose Quartz is the popular crystal of self love, providing you with its gentle and soul nourishing benefits. Rose Quartz helps open the heart chakra, helps your find your positivity and your own self awareness. Rose Quartz helps soothe negative energies while boosting your circulation system. Rose Quartz helps those suffering from anxiety, depression and any kind of trauma. 


Includes 1 x Crystal Glass Straw